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Vol.1 , no.1 - Winter 2019
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ABOUT THE PUBLICATION is an upstart publication and mobile SAAS platform that will be packed with the latest in web & mobile marketing trends, tools and strategies in the mobile marketing industry. If you are a brick & mortar manager, individual or marketing team in search of both innovative and tried and true marketing strategies and methodologies based on the latest in mobile technologies, we encourage you to see how we can assist you with your clients or local business.

An introduction to datamining:
The study of collecting, cleaning, processing, analyzing, and gaining valuable input from data.

Mobile sites vs. landing pages:
Explore some pros and cons, which is more appropriate for your campaign?

Mobile conversion:
Powerful mobile call to action implementation. Don't lose leads because your mobile site fails to convert.

Proven local leads:
Local leads strategy for local business to gain leads utilising free online reviews as marketing tool.
Whether your business, team, website or app is large or small, marketing is the quintessential blueprint that connects you to your customers. Having a marketing plan helps focus on strategy, budget, and lead generation while creating sequential growth and ultimately, a substantial ROI.

We invite you to advertise with us, as we assure to work with you and give reach to targeted readers as we officially launch and our platform expands. Getting the maximum return on your marketing investments is the key to mobile marketing success, and that's where we come in.

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